New JustCartoonDicks Pix! – Gallery offline!

Our Gallery is offline right now! This seem to be issued by Hostgator, who -might- gave us a temporary ban because we -might- take too much use of the server CPU (allowed is 25%, we were somewhere between 50-80%… LOL). So lets see when it goes back again, I’m glad we got this place which isn’t on the same webspace. ^___^

UPDATE: Talked with HostGator, I have to change some scripts on the gallery to make it “lighter”. I guess this will take some days, the gallery might be back on ~ Wednesday. Hopefully…

UPDATE NO 2: Its back online, please be charming to our servers.

Got some new galleries by, check them out, they’re by the artist “Classic”. Four galleries with Superman X Batman, The Incredibles, Star Wars: the Clone Wars and Shrek


YaoiToons Fetish Special: Yiff / Beast Yaoi!

This is a siterip of, a sort of exotic site which doesn’t exist anymore … ;-D
For the Fetish of animal – toon – sex. Also some more funny and political toons like Osama Bin Laden fucked by the Chip n Dale – The Rescure rangers. WTF!
Disneys Tarzan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, Shrek, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, Ninja Turtles and more….
Also included non-yaoi (untouched siterip)