September Doujinshi #3: New Omaso, Tagame, Oinarioimo, …

TSD.vol.2.page00New Doujinshi Pack for the late September is here! My favorite of this 4-doujinshi-pack is Kobucha Omaso’s soccer buddys dojin “T.S.D” Vol. 2 (you can read Vol. 1 translated in the redesigned gallery). Also included in this pack:¬† “Tagame Gengoroh: Bandi Chapter 1 and 2” which is kinda hardcore dehumanization sex (Blindfold boy, Rape, … you know – usual Tagame stuff). Besides: “My fair friend”, a Thor x Hercules bara fanbook by Kin29 Nitaro and the latest “We Love Beefcake File: Chris Redfield” by Oinarioimo for the Resident Evil fans. Also online in the gallery!

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