3in1: Tram Pararam Yaoi, “Ed, Edd n Eddy” Yaoi Collection, Art of Tom de Finlandia

3 in 1? Yep! So at the moment, I’m working for a Tram Pararam Yaoi Collection, but it will take some days, so I post a preview with 30 pics. There are many exclusively gay-edited! In this preview are Aladdin, Simpson, Recess Kids, Drawn Together and other Shows Yaoi.

Next Part of the “Retro Weeks”: the Art of Tom de Finlandia. I found 5 books “Go West”, “Pleasure Park”, “Ringo and the Renegades”, “Service Station” and “Sex in Park” (120 pictures).

And finally I post my Ed, Edd n Eddy Yaoi Collection. Again a Cartoon Network show O_o. 168 drawings in HQ (black/white, color).