Ohigetan: NaruSasu Doujins (Full Color, Fetish, Jap)

“おひげぼん-22BL サスxナル” 1+2+3, only 23 pages at all but woow, this works have … erotical hardcoreness! Buy the originals here or here.


Six sweet Naruto Doujins


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And here I found some delicous Naruto-Doujins, scanlated and translated by the Utopia-Doujinshi-Group! Get ’em while they’re hot!

Download (67MB)

By the Way  I noticed that there isn’t anything from our Naruto Yaoi Collection uploaded in the Gallery. I’m gonna change this right now, here’s the link.

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NaruSasu: Lovers X Rivals: Scene 1 (Extended)
(+ other Anime Boys)
NaruSasu: Lovers X Rivals: Scene 2
DBZ Truhan (Trunks X Gohan) – Blue Lagoon Part 1
Several Scenes, Bonus Music