Disney Hunks – 2014 Collection

Disney-Yaoi-2014Finally a cartoon update! The sexiest Disney Men in one big, new collection. Lots of Frozen Yaoi with Kristoff and Prince Hans, the sexy Flynn Rider from Tangled and Muscle-Toons with Ralph (Wreck it Ralph) as well as the 90s Movie Heroes Aladdin, Hercules, Prince Philipp, John Smith, Jim Hawinks (Treasure Island) and many more.

Download the Collection (278 files, 124.6MB)


September Doujinshi #3: New Omaso, Tagame, Oinarioimo, …

TSD.vol.2.page00New Doujinshi Pack for the late September is here! My favorite of this 4-doujinshi-pack is Kobucha Omaso’s soccer buddys dojin “T.S.D” Vol. 2 (you can read Vol. 1 translated in the redesigned gallery). Also included in this pack:  “Tagame Gengoroh: Bandi Chapter 1 and 2” which is kinda hardcore dehumanization sex (Blindfold boy, Rape, … you know – usual Tagame stuff). Besides: “My fair friend”, a Thor x Hercules bara fanbook by Kin29 Nitaro and the latest “We Love Beefcake File: Chris Redfield” by Oinarioimo for the Resident Evil fans. Also online in the gallery!

Download it on UPLOADED.net /// Previews:

Download it on UPLOADED.net

Fetish Special: Muscle Up – Famous Guys!

Famous TV, Anime and Videogames-Characters buffed up!
540 Pictures (201MB), contains …
Wolverine, Sonic, Super Mario, Batman, Spiderman, Naruto, One Piece, Resident Evil, Pokemon, DragonBall Z, Megaman, Danny Phantom, The Simpsons, Ben 10, Ron Stoppable, Family Guy, American Dragon, American Dad, Avatar, Teen Titans, Spongebob, Xiaolin Showdown and more!
Accenting Artists: Muk100, O’Melissokomos, David Kawena, CuttyBay, hearmenowu2, Zephleit

DOWNLOAD (Updated 19th of November 2014)