September Bara #1: New Moritake CG, D-RAW2, Takezamurai

2_9_1617324352New art with sexy gay bara studs arrived! This time we got an CG set with animations from Moritake. Its from a story about battlefield soldiers… if they really had great orgys like these, I would join right now … nah, make love, not war, lol. The Title is  戦場のアナリスト

The school’s sports clubs always create dirty fantasies in Draw Two‘s mind. His latest work is about a boy, who proves his sexabilty to the baseball and rugby team. At least i guess so. I better read the first part in english again. Everyone else: get the download or read the second part of ” If Boy’s Health and PhysED Taught Practical Skills” online.

Its never bad to have a monsterious dick. Takezamurai‘s latest doujin features a man-beast with a cock bigger than everything you can imagine. モンクと勇者と呪いの魔法 by Takezamurai itatigokko. Download the pack on // Download the pack on!


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