Dragon Ball Yaoi 2015 Collection

dragon ball yaoi 2015 -2We’ve made a lot of DragonBall Yaoi Collections. The first one in XXL-Size 2010, next ones in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

We thought: ok, its over. There cant be any more new DragonBall Yaoi on this earth anymore. Well, we’ve been wrong. Theres no end for dirty Goku drawings, no stop for Trunks x Goten hentai, no break for sexy Vegeta Yaoi. And of course, a lot of men- romantic from Gotenboner.com and other artists.

We’re sorry for this mistake and give You the brand new “Dragonball 2015 Yaoi”-Collection!

Download the incredible set of 450 drawings, 5 doujinshis and 7 animations (186MB)

Check out the Collection Preview on Yaoi-Toons.com and the big DragonBall-Section of the Gallery

Sorry again & Enjoy! <3

New Dragonball Hentai Yaoi – 2013 Collection


There can’t be enough DragonBall Yaoi out there. Time for a new package of fresh fanart by 5 artists (SUPOBI, Otohikoboshi, Maple, Uli Matos, 东城主妇). 222 Drawings at all.

Download // Preview (SUPOBI’s Art) online

Dragonball: New 2012 Yaoi Collection!


Welcome to our new old blog! So glad you found us! Lets celebrate with a collection update of the DragonBall Collection! Within this 2012-Collection are over 500 Drawings! 7 Doujins, several hot animations and tons of new artwork by awesome artists about the hottest anime show I’ve seen. 100% new. Yeah.

Download first Part    Download secound Part  (230MB at all)

You’ve passed some of our previous DBZ Collections? No problem, they are all reuploaded:  The very first collection ; the 2011 Collection ; the Rutobuka-Art-Collection

5 English Dragon Ball Doujins by Butaboro (Update: Comic “Revenge”)

 UPDATE: Reupload + Check out this Comic by RUTOBUKA,
Very awesome =D

Translation by Kusanyagi

 2 + 1 = XXX
 Hitodenashi ga Warau Yoru Jou
 Ikenai Mousou Shichau Desho
Nobashita Sono Te ha Kuukyo wo Tsukamu
 Shinsen Retasu wo Naburu dake no Kantan na Oshigoto desu

AetherMD Flashes / Yaoi-Toons.com Updates

Some news to our Gallery: I deactivated the membership feature because of its high use of our server’s CPU (it is a shared server, we have to keep a low use of ressources!)
I’m so sorry for that and thanks to over 300+ registrated Fans of Yaoi-Toons.com!

NaruSasu: Lovers X Rivals: Scene 1 (Extended)
(+ other Anime Boys)
NaruSasu: Lovers X Rivals: Scene 2
DBZ Truhan (Trunks X Gohan) – Blue Lagoon Part 1
Several Scenes, Bonus Music