Dragon Ball Yaoi 2015 Collection

dragon ball yaoi 2015 -2We’ve made a lot of DragonBall Yaoi Collections. The first one in XXL-Size 2010, next ones in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

We thought: ok, its over. There cant be any more new DragonBall Yaoi on this earth anymore. Well, we’ve been wrong. Theres no end for dirty Goku drawings, no stop for Trunks x Goten hentai, no break for sexy Vegeta Yaoi. And of course, a lot of men- romantic from Gotenboner.com and other artists.

We’re sorry for this mistake and give You the brand new “Dragonball 2015 Yaoi”-Collection!

Download the incredible set of 450 drawings, 5 doujinshis and 7 animations (186MB)

Check out the Collection Preview on Yaoi-Toons.com and the big DragonBall-Section of the Gallery

Sorry again & Enjoy! <3

Gay Cartoon Pack 2014 #1: Avatar, Danny Phantom, Johnny Test

cartoon-pack-1-2014Finally some new toon yaoi! Our blog started with cartoon yaoi packs almost 5 years ago, and even we love doujinshis, its also time to come back to our roots. Starting with fresh fan art from the cartoon shows “Avatar: The Last Airbender”; “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”, “Danny Phantom” and “Johnny Test”. From lots of Mako x Bolin acting over Going-Ghost-Sex with Danny and Tucker plus Love between Gil and Johnny. Plus some kind of furry. 212 Drawings at all.

Download @ Uploaded.net  // Download @ OBOOM.com

Coming soon: Disney Boys, Ben 10 and other brand new  2014 Cartoon Packs! Check out our older collections

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Yaoi Collection

jojoajojo8 Doujinshis + 135 Drawings

[1000+10 (Atsuyu)] Karada Meatenano!
[1000+10 (Atsuyu)] Profumo
[Juugatsu] itoshi sa kurae
[OrangestaR] Bath Scramble
[S+yumiya] Kiss from the Past Twenty Years (Eng)
[UNKY] Blame it on the Boy
[XXkorori (Ko Tora)] Sanzen Sekai no Karasu wo Koroshi
[Yomogi Daifuku (Kinako)] Kore ga Wamuu no Goshujin-sama

372 Files at all

Download (138MB)



New Dragonball Hentai Yaoi – 2013 Collection


There can’t be enough DragonBall Yaoi out there. Time for a new package of fresh fanart by 5 artists (SUPOBI, Otohikoboshi, Maple, Uli Matos, 东城主妇). 222 Drawings at all.

Download // Preview (SUPOBI’s Art) online

Jin’s Furry Bara Dojins Collection (reup)

Collected some Comix of Jin, almost everything is translated in english. 10 Doujins / 221 Pages, partly uncensored. They are also available on the gallery.

Download // Read Online

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