UPDATE: BlackMonkey: Banana Jam -S- (Uncensored!!) + Club-Z: Black Out 3 (COMPLETE!)

 Banana Jam S by BlackMonkey
Finally a Uncensored Version!
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CLUB-Z: BlackOut 3
Big Thanks to Darence, I reordered the pictures.
However, some last pages seem to be missing.
(By the way, if you don’t already got it:
Both works will also be on Yaoi-Toons.com soon!
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BlackMonkey: Banasplit Fanmix 1+ Banana Jam S -2nd Update-

Bananasplit Fanmix Vol. 1A  by BlackMonkey Pro
68 Pictures in 2 Sets
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Bananasplit Fanmix Vol. 1B  by BlackMonkey Pro (now Complete)
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Banana Jam -S- by BlackMonkey Pro
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BlackMonkey Pro: MxM MadPerformance Vol.1

And finally: MxM Mad Performance Vol. 1
24 Pages, Censored, English 
After having their first gig, Macchan and Mekkun celebrates with drinks in a bar. To Mekkun’s surprise, Macchan easily becomes drunk, and he unconsciously grabs the sensitive spot of Mekkun’s body. Mekkun falls for Macchan, and both of them get drunk. At night, their first performance begins…
Happy New Year Everybody!