New JustCartoonDicks Pix! – Gallery offline!

Our Gallery is offline right now! This seem to be issued by Hostgator, who -might- gave us a temporary ban because we -might- take too much use of the server CPU (allowed is 25%, we were somewhere between 50-80%… LOL). So lets see when it goes back again, I’m glad we got this place which isn’t on the same webspace. ^___^

UPDATE: Talked with HostGator, I have to change some scripts on the gallery to make it “lighter”. I guess this will take some days, the gallery might be back on ~ Wednesday. Hopefully…

UPDATE NO 2: Its back online, please be charming to our servers.

Got some new galleries by, check them out, they’re by the artist “Classic”. Four galleries with Superman X Batman, The Incredibles, Star Wars: the Clone Wars and Shrek


My Young Justice Yaoi Collection

Hey hey! As you requested, heres the Young Justice Collection. Young Justice means the brand new  Tv-series on Cartoon Network, focussed on the young superheroes Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy with their mentors Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Green Arrow.
This package is quite mixed up, there are maybe also other DC comic series included, because not everyone really discerns between the DC comics and shows.
Give a kiss to the lovely artists: AetherMD, icemanBlue, AquaBluebell, E207, Gnin, flipklick, idaiku17, magicandy17, NISSHIE, Samurai Himenoji, strawberryninja, VeraMalfoy and many more!
(304 Files, 3 flashanimations, 45 screencaps and 250 drawings)

4in1: New Ben10 Yaoi Pictures, Batman x Joker, Tsukumo Gou Doujin, Gohan x Trunks Gallery

Today is leftover day! 😀
To cater for all tastes. Enjoy!
To our Ben 10 Fans: I’m searching a scene, where Ben and someone else are watching TV /on a computer to introduce the Ben10 Yaoi Video. You know one (season/episode/series)?
And BTW: we’ve got a shoutbox on the right side.
Feel free to comment!

Fetish Special: Muscle Up – Famous Guys!

Famous TV, Anime and Videogames-Characters buffed up!
540 Pictures (201MB), contains …
Wolverine, Sonic, Super Mario, Batman, Spiderman, Naruto, One Piece, Resident Evil, Pokemon, DragonBall Z, Megaman, Danny Phantom, The Simpsons, Ben 10, Ron Stoppable, Family Guy, American Dragon, American Dad, Avatar, Teen Titans, Spongebob, Xiaolin Showdown and more!
Accenting Artists: Muk100, O’Melissokomos, David Kawena, CuttyBay, hearmenowu2, Zephleit

DOWNLOAD (Updated 19th of November 2014)