Mentaiko – The Holy Night (ENG)

theholynight(10)Finally, its Mentaiko time! His new dojin “せいなるよるに” (The Holy Night) in a japanese, low-resoltion and strict-censors version. I would wait for a translated HQ version, but if you’re that curious…

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UPDATE: HQ version with less censor (JAP)




ThisArmor doujin and Comagire CG

1.) resfrio / This Armor  : トラベラーズ.イン (“In travellers”) [Japanese]

Download here  // Buy original here  //  Also online in gallery

2.) COMAGIRE / こまぎれ カジマ:  ビュッ!学園 (“Zing! Academy”) – 79pages CG

Download here // Buy original here // Also online in gallery

Belasco – Afro Comix Collection

Belasco is a western homo afro erotic artist, living in L.A. You can find more of his works here. He’s experimenting with videoclips and also sells some of his comics there (very easily: can be bought via paypal!). If you’re into black boys comics, visit and support him!

This collection includes the comics “Boo: Doin it after Dark”, “Boo: Down in th’ Dungeon”, “Jail Trade Unleashed”, “Nuthin but Feet N’ Azz”, “Smoke Poke”, “The Brothers of New Essex”, “The Bruthahood of Saint Simone!”, “The School of Hard Knox”, “What Gran’Maw Saw” and some short comix and drawings. 350 files at all.


Spunktoons #1 – Alexander Cartoons, 3D Gay Video Traffic Trouble, Superheroes Parody

I’ve got some Content and, hell yeah, want to share it with you 😀

Alexander Cartoons (4 Pack, 30 Drawings) Lovely done western art. Download it. Gallery.

“Traffic Trouble”, a 3d-animated gay porn. You might notice it on the picture, this is more a “funny parody” porn clip and well … trashy. 14 Minutes of pure trash. If you want to laugh … Download

Superheroes Parody by an artist, who has the name Leonardo on and here his name is “Lula” and/or “SpiderBlue”. However, he’s great, so come get this one: Download

Tomcat: Katekyo Tutorial!! / Private Tutorial (Update: TRANSLATED)

A new dojin by Hutoshi Miyako, aka Tomcat! RAW Version, I guess there will be a translation pretty soon. TRANSLATED by some 4chan guys. Awesome. 31 Pages

ENG: Download (RAR)  //  Read Online

JAP: Download (ZIP)  //  Read Online