[Doujinshi] KES (Keisuke): Vanilla Lynx, Tri Edge 2

1451155257261_0New Keisuke Doujinshi ” ヴァニラ・リンクス、トライエッジ2″, Fetishes: Muscles, Lactating Nipples, Muscles, Furrified Humans, Big Cocks

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First Part “Tri Edge 1” on Yaoi-Toons

Bara: Specie to Chimera Image Set

ecg_ソウマSEX3Today we got the image pack of a japanese novel game called “Specie to chimera” (“スピーシーとキマイラ”) by Underground Campaign (UGCP). The pack contains the most beautiful artwork of the game.

Download the Pack (108MB) – all 195 Pictures

Preview of the Pack on Yaoi-Toons.com – 25 Pictures

The game is about a reopened zoo, compairable to “Zoo Tycoon” with love stories within their characters. It is really diffcult to play for non-japanese users (you have to switch your computer settings to japanese language) and so far there is no translation of the game planed. If you still want to give it a try, here’s a trial version (282MB, Windows). Full game can be bought here…

Kimura Pyasako Bara Anime Art

47811060_p0New big pack of art by 木村ぴゃさ子 (Kimura Pyasako). A mixture of fan art like King of Fighters and Original Drawings. All colored and partly censored.

Download Full Pack Plus Sketches (210 Pics)

Watch Online Preview Pack (25 Pics)

ThisArmor: Itsudemo Dokodemo?

00New CG Set with japanese storyline / dialogue scenes by ThisArmor (Murakami): “Itsudemo Dokodemo” (Taiiku Kyoushi Hen). Topic: young sports teacher. 64 Pictures.

Download the Set  //  Buy the original on Digiket.com

Takeshi Matsu: Oy Uncle! Nephew has grown heavily

image109A new Takeshi Matsu Doujinshi is here! “オイおじ!! ~オイがたわわに実ったせいで~” (rudely translated “Oy Uncle! Nephew has grown heavily”, so kinda incest-related). 62 Pages.

Download the Doujin PDF File (high quality)

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Muscleboys Art by Mokurou

A really big catalogue of sexy pinup boys by the japanese artist Mokurou [Wolves] – 166 really good, full color drawings of men with speedos, tangas and strings so tight you can see every dick-line.
39652354_p2Beside the original ripped guys there is also lots of Fanart, like Demon Lord Asumodai, Gunslinger Stratos, Kill La Kill and Persona 4 (Shadow Kanji)… with fetishes like Nipple Rings and Fist Fuck… its like a good surprise bag! :)

Download Muscleboys Art by Mokurou [FULL PACK]

Watch The Preview Pack online on Yaoi-Toons.com