Muscleboys Art by Mokurou

A really big catalogue of sexy pinup boys by the japanese artist Mokurou [Wolves] – 166 really good, full color drawings of men with speedos, tangas and strings so tight you can see every dick-line.
39652354_p2Beside the original ripped guys there is also lots of Fanart, like Demon Lord Asumodai, Gunslinger Stratos, Kill La Kill and Persona 4 (Shadow Kanji)… with fetishes like Nipple Rings and Fist Fuck… its like a good surprise bag! :)

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Shota Package “Slave Market Dungeon” + Bonus

460New Shotacon Update with fresh boys art. A really good CG by Fairwind plus 2 Doujinshis by Waka & Undergroundou. 145 Drawings & Pages (101MB)

Download Shota Package “Slave Market Dungeon” + Bonus