Disney Hunks – 2014 Collection

Disney-Yaoi-2014Finally a cartoon update! The sexiest Disney Men in one big, new collection. Lots of Frozen Yaoi with Kristoff and Prince Hans, the sexy Flynn Rider from Tangled and Muscle-Toons with Ralph (Wreck it Ralph) as well as the 90s Movie Heroes Aladdin, Hercules, Prince Philipp, John Smith, Jim Hawinks (Treasure Island) and many more.

Download the Collection (278 files, 124.6MB)


New anything (naop) doujinshis … happy holidays!

09We wish you some happy holidays! May there be lots of cool presents for you and your friends below the tree. Our little present is new stuff from naop! A new released doujinshi & a new english translation.

[anything (naop)] カウ牛乳 (Male Milk Cow)

If you’re into milking dudes with big chests, this sth for you. It’s hot anyway. Kinda-furry and very, very creamy milk! Japanese, if you like it, buy the original here.

Download the Doujin // Read it online on Yaoi-Toons.com

[anything (naop)]: Reddened Blue Flowers

Haruto wants to show Takagari something after school, but then a old friend appears. English translation by Kaisarou (original title:蒼い華は朱く). If you like it, the original is buyable here!

Download the Doujin // Read it online on Yaoi-Toons.com

FURRY-YAOI.com is up! +++ Other Good News +++

0jykqe1tWohoo! A second online yaoi gallery is live. Its a place for furry lovers ONLY. Remember the survey from last month? We took your answers really seriously and over 50% want a furry-version of the gallery, so here it is! :-) The furry-pieces on Yaoi-toons.com will be deleted and copied to the new site, but already today are over 3.600 pictures online on www.furry-yaoi.com! Do You like the new site?

Back to the survey results. Again, Thank You very much for your feedback. Glad to see you’re happy with the site (average 7.7/10 points, wow!) and like the new look (86,3% likes). No, there wont be a spanish-version of Yaoi-Toons (just 21,7% agreed).  Yes, there will be even more bara and english albums (other stuff as well, dont worry ’bout that).

Thank You for the ideas of new features. A new feature is the use of keyboard arrows to scroll through the pages /pictures. Try it out! Other features are comming. :-)