Bara Halloween Doujin Special! Of Monsters and Machines …

coverAre you ready for “Trick and Treat”, kids? Joke aside. We got two new & really good, full color BARA-MEN doujinshis: “MONSTER” by SARAGI and “サイボーグと天才科学者” (Genious Scientist and Cyborg) by Circus. And if you got some time left to spend for 31st: “Nokoshibito“, a 140-page long love-sex-story by Zin, released some years ago in the GBless-Magazine. So download this pack or check out the previews:

DOWNLOAD the Bara Halloween Doujinshi Pack

October’s Yaoi Pack #2 2014

紹介用画像Happy Halloween! Let’s celebrate this over-american tradition of our childhood with a special album “HALLOWEEN 2014” in the gallery!

We also got a new Yaoi Pack with new exclusive CGs and Free! Fanbooks. Check out the content:

  • LARZ-SILT AG+: 1コ下の彼 (1koshita+)  CG
  • 巨根半島百景 ワンシチュエーション ―米屋― (Kondou Oone) CG
  • Shima Kyousuke (Panda4): Uke Mako. (Free!) Doujin
  • 真琴が遙の乳首責めに遭うだけのまこはる本。(Free!)
  • DOWNLOAD THE PACK // Previews:

Download the pack! (102,9MB)

October’s Yaoi Pack #1 2014

紹介用画像First of all: welcome to our new home! Nothing has changed? Good – because we moved the server of the gallery and blog on a new one. So in fact, nothing should have changed – except everything has become a bit faster :-) If you got problems, please leave a comment here!

New Month, New Yaoi, New Hrrrrr! This time with:

  • tame fishes [CG] larz-silt ag+
  • Maraparte: Mizu no Naka no Namida wa (Free! Fanbook) also online in the gallery
  • Juugatsu: Itoshi sa kurae 2 (Jojos Bizarre Adventures Fanbook)
  • Maru Tendon: Mōhō Gakuen Yakyūbu 1 + 2
  • 210 Pictures / Doujinshi Pages at all. DOWNLOAD PACK


Download OCTOBER YAOI PACK #1 2014