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image596Since yesterday, we got a new design for the gallery! It is way easier to browse on tablets and phones, because this theme is more responsive than the first one. I keep the monthly header picture, because it way a popular part in the first theme. At all, its a way lighter theme, concentrating on the main thing: YAOI! 😀

So, whats your impression? Do you like it or do you prefer the older theme? Are there bugs on your browser, that I didnt saw yet? I’d be happy to hear your honest feedback! :-)

By the way, yup, I know the gallery is partly really really really slow. I’m on the search for a new, better host (which is a difficult thing)…

September Doujinshi #3: New Omaso, Tagame, Oinarioimo, …

TSD.vol.2.page00New Doujinshi Pack for the late September is here! My favorite of this 4-doujinshi-pack is Kobucha Omaso’s soccer buddys dojin “T.S.D” Vol. 2 (you can read Vol. 1 translated in the redesigned gallery). Also included in this pack:  “Tagame Gengoroh: Bandi Chapter 1 and 2” which is kinda hardcore dehumanization sex (Blindfold boy, Rape, … you know – usual Tagame stuff). Besides: “My fair friend”, a Thor x Hercules bara fanbook by Kin29 Nitaro and the latest “We Love Beefcake File: Chris Redfield” by Oinarioimo for the Resident Evil fans. Also online in the gallery!

Download it on /// Previews:

Download it on

Bara Art Pack September 2014

000-september-bara-packA brand new bara drawings package after the popular Bara Summer (Kay Shiden + Aokumaneko Art) Pack. Lots of mixed hentai and cartoon artists with 190 high quality filthy musclemen-action! Download it on or Previews:

Download it on or

September Yaoi Pack #2: Takenokoya’s C86 Novel, Ayukisa, El Shaddai DJ

Next Yaoi Package! We start mirroring our files now on and (making it easier to access the files ^_^ )

  • 『ダチリバ!』 by 氾濫原 (only extracted CG pictures from the game, ain’t nobody got time for this!)
  • 日本語: ガチホモ天使だが大丈夫か_ – ソイソース(El Shaddai Fan Book)
  • Ayukisa:   秘密の戦隊サンカクレンジャー 1 and 2 (Squadron San Kakurenja Secret 1+2)
  • Takenokoya: Sei Shounen’s no Natsuyasumi (Shota, C86)

Download on  //  Download on

Gay Cartoon Pack 2014 #1: Avatar, Danny Phantom, Johnny Test

cartoon-pack-1-2014Finally some new toon yaoi! Our blog started with cartoon yaoi packs almost 5 years ago, and even we love doujinshis, its also time to come back to our roots. Starting with fresh fan art from the cartoon shows “Avatar: The Last Airbender”; “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”, “Danny Phantom” and “Johnny Test”. From lots of Mako x Bolin acting over Going-Ghost-Sex with Danny and Tucker plus Love between Gil and Johnny. Plus some kind of furry. 212 Drawings at all.

Download @  // Download @

Coming soon: Disney Boys, Ben 10 and other brand new  2014 Cartoon Packs! Check out our older collections

September Bara #1: New Moritake CG, D-RAW2, Takezamurai

2_9_1617324352New art with sexy gay bara studs arrived! This time we got an CG set with animations from Moritake. Its from a story about battlefield soldiers… if they really had great orgys like these, I would join right now … nah, make love, not war, lol. The Title is  戦場のアナリスト

The school’s sports clubs always create dirty fantasies in Draw Two‘s mind. His latest work is about a boy, who proves his sexabilty to the baseball and rugby team. At least i guess so. I better read the first part in english again. Everyone else: get the download or read the second part of ” If Boy’s Health and PhysED Taught Practical Skills” online.

Its never bad to have a monsterious dick. Takezamurai‘s latest doujin features a man-beast with a cock bigger than everything you can imagine. モンクと勇者と呪いの魔法 by Takezamurai itatigokko. Download the pack on // Download the pack on!


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