August 2014 Pack #3: KBKM Vol. 2 Bara; Higemori; Mabatakiman …

kbkm2 (24)New bara yaoi! Don’t miss these hot doujinshis and cg sets. A short overview:

  • Shinadekuro: DISPOSAL (Doujinshi)
  • 3番線: KBKM! Vol.2 (CG) also online in the gallery
  • Mabatakiman: やわらかい手 (Doujinshi)
  • Higemori: 岩窟触手記 (Doujinshi)

Download Pack @ Download Pack @

Download Pack @ Download Pack @

New Yaoi Doujinshis – Comiket86 – TAGAYANISM, Ebitendon, …

00028New doujinshi set! Freshly from the C86, for BARA and SHOTA Fans!

  • Ebitendon: Mousou Controlling
  • Kemukemuke: FIRST STEP! also online in the gallery
  • Shigeru: Manga Shounen Zoom Volume 14
  • Tagayanism: 俺の弟がこんなにデカいわけがない!!


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August Pack: Naop (anything) + Hasutadokeki + Haruka Pack!

Download (104MB)

A new August Doujinshi Set is here! Including Naop’s brand new doujin “School of Active Chairmen”. This one is also online in the gallery. Check out Naop’s previous works like “Sex Addiction” here in the blog.

Also included is Umizakura, a emotional Army Story (with long prologue and “real” storyline for Manga-Fans) and the new Hasutadokeki Doujinshi. Download the whole pack here!