New Takeshi Matsu DJ “Oyakodonburi wa kuwasene~e!!”


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Original Title: 親子丼は食わせねぇ!! (English: It is not Kuwase the bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs!)

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November Doujinshi Pack #2 – Tagame, ThisArmor, Akahachi …

Secound bara doujin collection for this month!

1) ThisArmor: 魔王、初めての××××をする /  I will do the × × × × devil, for the first time (Hataraku Maou-sama!)  —  Buy it on

2) Toriaezu Nama: IN THIS ROOM  —  Buy it on

3) Akahachi: ドキドキ水泳部男  —  Buy it on

4) Tagame 玄龍: 転落の契約 GENRYU – Chapter 1+2   —  More informations on

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New Lunatique CG ” Jikan o teishi shite dōkyūsei ya senpai-tachi ni itazura shi chaou!”

n00-2-L n03-16-LLunatique officially won the contest of the longest CG set title xD

Original Title: “時間を停止して同級生や先輩たちに悪戯しちゃおう!” (“You will earn the mischief to our seniors and classmates to stop the time!”)

307 Pictures (version without japanese texts).

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New Doujinshis for November ’13!

New Bara and Yaoi Doujinshis! Remember to support the artists with buying their original works (if you like them)!

1) + 2) R.C.I (Hazaki) and Panda#4 (Shima Kyousuke): STAY! — Buy it on

3) うらはら亭: 淫録 変態動画  —  Buy it on

4) naop – 明日が来る前に-夜明け編- (Before Tomorrow Comes – Dawning)  —  (also online on  —-   Buy it on  // on

5) べあている: World Wide   — Buy it on  //  on

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Bara Yaoi Art Package [NOVEMBER 2013]

290 Very Hot Bara Yaoi Porn Images from different artists. ONLY NEW, HIGH QUALITY, WITHOUT ANY STUPID WATERMARK OR ANYTHING. Artist Links included

+ Rycanthropy CG: “Alraune” — Support him! More of his works on

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