New Doujins – BARA End of Summer Package

End of August, fall is coming. But we keep you warm with a bunch of new bara doujinshis and a CG Set! All 4 doujins are japanese. If we found them translated into english, we’ll post them in the gallery!

1) Ebitendon (Torakichi) Kurukuru Stopper! 2 (くるくるすとっぱぁ!2)  Buy the original on!

2) 現役絶倫上司 (Active uncompairable manager) CG-Set  Buy the original on

3) 雄っパイ揉ミ揉ム!! Doujin  Buy the original on

4) Sushizuki: 放課後体育教師 (Sport teacher after school PE) Doujin  Buy the original on

5) Draw Two (DRAW2):  ワンダフルライフ~大型犬系男子のいる生活  Buy the original on

Download Package (106MB)

New Doujin Package: Translated Mentaiko, Naop and more

Wait, what? There isn’t a doujin pack for this august? Time to change this. This time with completly english translated doujins!

1) Mentaiko: Itai itai Itai 4 / いたいイタイいたい。4 (HD)  (Read Online in SD)  (Buy the Original for support)

2) naop: Love & Vinegar / ストラヴ(HD)  (Read Online in SD)  (Buy the Original for support)

3) Various Artists (PacoSt.): Waka Papa Uke (94 pages!!!)  (Buy the Original for support)

Download Package (118MB)