Fanbooks for June

The Gallery Server Change has been survived. Now: some japanese fan books!

1) K2*CRACK: 触れたいカラダ (Fight Club Izumi Fanbook: Claw/Jin)    Buy on

2) dalia: 愛弟完全調教 (Axis Powers Canidae Fanbook: Preußen/Deutschland)   Buy on

3) 池上小五: ラブレター (Toriko Fanbook: Toriko/Coco)  Buy on

4) オレンジヒップ: せんせいとおんせん!(not a fanbook, but pretty hot!)

5) yoha・日高ナルセ:  M康様との遭遇 (Basara 3 Circle) Buy on

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CG Game and Doujin Pack

1) Shunpei Nakata: ただそれだけの話 (Doujin) and 雑種 (CG Set)

2) skskしませんか Vol.2 (Simple CG “Undress” Game, various artists)

3) Violate a Hawkeye (EYESHIELD Doujin)

4) お腹がへりました。 (Crazy9 Circle Doujin)

5) 火神くんが襲い受け (The Basketball which Kuroko prays, Aomine x Kagami Fanbook)

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New Doujins Pack for June!

New Month, new Pack, new Fun.

1) Ayukisa: Forced!  Buy on

2) Calamitry: Ikebukuro Underground Labo (DRRR!! Fanbook) Buy on

3) archea: 火神くんのえろほん 2 (The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays)  Buy on Toranoana // Buy on

4) Pomatobatake: THY DEEDS (Thor Fanbook)

5) R.C.I: Uniform Sperm! Buy on

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