From Countries Hepoe (series #1 – #7)

ヘポエの国から (15)ヘポエの国から (“From Countries Hepoe”) by ハスタードケーキ

Vol. 1-7, Japanese and Chinese, 130MB

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New Doujins Package!

Time for a fresh doujin pack, hope u will enjoy it! Everythings japanese, for more english translated doujins visit our gallery!

1) Kobucha Omaso:  エレヴェイタア エスカレィション     Buy more works HERE

2) コガワセイジ: モブ×カイジ (Kaiji Fan Book)     Buy more works HERE

3) OMTY 地獄篇: 弾肉×蜜肉  (Fate/Zero Fan Book)    Buy the original HERE

4) Yasohachi: Shindbad the Sailor Gangbang 船乗りシンドバッドの輪姦   (Magi Mob X Shindbad Fan Book)  Buy the original HERE or alternatively HERE

5) momoiro-rip: KURAbitch   Artists Homepage

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New Dragonball Hentai Yaoi – 2013 Collection


There can’t be enough DragonBall Yaoi out there. Time for a new package of fresh fanart by 5 artists (SUPOBI, Otohikoboshi, Maple, Uli Matos, 东城主妇). 222 Drawings at all.

Download // Preview (SUPOBI’s Art) online

New Doujin/CG Package! (DRAW2, K. Omaso, Panda4 …)

1) BIU BIU BIU ☆ (Tiger and Bunny Parody) by Tsuboya 壺屋  —  BUY ONLINE! :-)

2) LOVELESS by Moritake モリタケ —   BUY ONLINE HERE (thanks to Zedd)

3) CG Sets by Panda4 (003 AA) and Kombucha Omaso (おなふぉーむ) —   sorry, no online shopping link found

4) D-RAW2 (Draw Two): オトコごころと春の空 (With best regards, heaven, men and feather)  —  BUY ONLINE!! :-)

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