Fanbooks and Doujins Pack

1) Crazy9: Wasoshizuo Bukkake!! + Mogitate Juicy(2010.06+09) [Buy other works on]

2)  若飛チャック: GOTTANI WAKATOBI 2   [Buy other works on]

3) Matsumoto Seama for Studio Asuma: Heart to melt (Gigant Killing) [Buy other works on]

4) MINA: 実演夜のヴィブラート (Toriko)

~ 400 pages  //  Download (138.38MB)

2 XL Doujns for the love of RAPE

These two doujins show a dirty and tasty fictional fantasy about rape. They are really des-humanizing, radical, not light food as usual. But really hot trough!

1) Makoto Kai – Training Dog, japanese, 255 pages, contains bara / SM / bestiality / pissing

2) Chikuwamome Ishikawa – Kemurikan, japanese, 106 pages, contains bara / gang rape