New Bara Doujin Package!

A new big pack of bara art! 231 pictures, 4 doujins and one CG set (extracted from a game).

1) A romancing SAGA MinstrelSong Fanbook  by [nas] ブッチャー×ホーク (Butcher x Hawk): amour

2) A romancing SAGA MinstrelSong Fanbook  by [nas]: Espoir (要密碼)

3) Gamusyara: classmateGAME (要密碼) BUY THIS ON DIGIKET

4) three twelfths〞3/12 SUV (要密碼) BUY THIS ON DIGIKET

5) CG-set of the game 絶対結末決定権 BUY THIS ON DIGIKET


Doujin “Mr. Bear” (Eng) + Reupload Takenokoya Collection

A translated version of Neyukidou’s (aka Takaku Nozomu) furry doujin “The Bear in the Forest”! Translated by and_is_w

Download  //  Read Online  //  Buy on Digiket

And we finally (sooorry!) reuploaded the great collection of Takenokoya’s Shota Boys! Because its a really great pack theres now a preview album online in our gallery, to make it easier to decide if you really want to download this big pack. :-)

Wasukoro: Single-Mindedly (Chinese)

A new highlight by Wasukoro (猫月いづみ): “Single-Mindedly!”

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Fresh Bara Pack

December! Time for some X-Mas Headers! New Bara Package, this time

1) ZeloLee: Conquer Abuse (Hunter x Hunter, 凌辱征服) (Buy original here) (View in gallery)

2) Shunpei Nakata:  Gunbay 01 – 05 (Buy original here) (View in gallery)

3) Doujin by Tsuboya: 人造亜人バル・前編 (Buy original here)

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