Ben 10 – 2012 Yaoi Collection

New Ben 10 Yaoi Collection (everything new from 2012). Includes a translated version of the Shota Doujin “Doing this and that with Ben on the Toilet” and 121 Drawings. Looking for oder Ben10-Collections?

Download (55MB)

Monday Doujins Pack XXL

Sweeting up your Monday with a big package of great doujins I collected over the weekend!

1) (Espaniol) Bara Otaku Art Collection (“Foto de Familia”, “O Melhor Dia dos Pais”, Bonus Art)

2) (Japanese) 2x JIN Doujins: “見世物” (“Spectacle”) and “鬼夜來” (“Come, Night Demon”) Want more JIN-Doujins? We got a Collection!

3) (Japanese) (unknown artist) “Laundry Service” / “ドツキドキ洗濯係”

4) (Japanese) 2x Tagayan Doujins: ” ガチでイこうぜ!” (“I’ll do this damn stomach!”) and “俺と淫魔の非日常”  -> BUY IT ON

5) (Japanese) (Series) Tsuyoshi – “僕の聰嫁”

102MB at all —  DOWNLOAD

New English Tagame Bara Doujins

New Tagame Doujins Translations by KeroKero! Partly old man /incest/violence, just typical Tagame style :D. This pack includes “A Vast Snow Field” (Chapter 1-3), “I Can’ t Tell Anyone”, Standing Ovations, The Winter Fisherman Lodge (Chapter 1-7) (184Pages at all). Tagame sells his work in different languages here.

Download (124MB)

By the Way Leon translated “Terujirou: What will happen while the little brother is around? 2“. Its online in the gallery and available as DL!

Belasco – Afro Comix Collection

Belasco is a western homo afro erotic artist, living in L.A. You can find more of his works here. He’s experimenting with videoclips and also sells some of his comics there (very easily: can be bought via paypal!). If you’re into black boys comics, visit and support him!

This collection includes the comics “Boo: Doin it after Dark”, “Boo: Down in th’ Dungeon”, “Jail Trade Unleashed”, “Nuthin but Feet N’ Azz”, “Smoke Poke”, “The Brothers of New Essex”, “The Bruthahood of Saint Simone!”, “The School of Hard Knox”, “What Gran’Maw Saw” and some short comix and drawings. 350 files at all.


New Doujins Friday!

A few new japanese bara-shota doujins! All in one package to keep it easier for you and me 😀   Source: watcher @

“Who Gets the New Hire? 2“; “Eeny,meeny,miny,moe…” by Tsukasa Matsuzaki ; “Boku no Ganko Oyaji ” by Hiromi Miyoshi

Download (102MB)


Ohigetan: NaruSasu Doujins (Full Color, Fetish, Jap)

“おひげぼん-22BL サスxナル” 1+2+3, only 23 pages at all but woow, this works have … erotical hardcoreness! Buy the originals here or here.