To clear things up …

[Update] Thank you for your empathy, but it doesn’t help anybody if you spam him. Sorry Mauleo for the unkind and partly vulgar mails. I want a unemotional discussion and not a shitstorm.

Mauleo is a bara artist. You can find his works here. Last week I got a mail by Hotfile, that 40 of my files were deleted because of his complaint. None of them related to his work.      I asked the reason, why he mailed Hotfile, acting to be the copyright holder of files like the “Legend of Korra-Yaoi Collection“, “The Deep Dark by RedRusker” or the “Random Yaoi Animation Collection“.

He didn’t answered me and published my mail in his blog with a comment of disgust and consternation. So I better answer him in public:

Manga: Kyokan Hunter by Inaki Matsumoto’s (Bara) (reup)

A bara manga by Inaki Matsumoto. Translated by 8 Chapters, ~200 Pages, and absolutely worth a view.

Download Full Manga

Spunktoons #1 – Alexander Cartoons, 3D Gay Video Traffic Trouble, Superheroes Parody

I’ve got some Content and, hell yeah, want to share it with you 😀

Alexander Cartoons (4 Pack, 30 Drawings) Lovely done western art. Download it. Gallery.

“Traffic Trouble”, a 3d-animated gay porn. You might notice it on the picture, this is more a “funny parody” porn clip and well … trashy. 14 Minutes of pure trash. If you want to laugh … Download

Superheroes Parody by an artist, who has the name Leonardo on and here his name is “Lula” and/or “SpiderBlue”. However, he’s great, so come get this one: Download