New JustCartoonDicks Pix! – Gallery offline!

Our Gallery is offline right now! This seem to be issued by Hostgator, who -might- gave us a temporary ban because we -might- take too much use of the server CPU (allowed is 25%, we were somewhere between 50-80%… LOL). So lets see when it goes back again, I’m glad we got this place which isn’t on the same webspace. ^___^

UPDATE: Talked with HostGator, I have to change some scripts on the gallery to make it “lighter”. I guess this will take some days, the gallery might be back on ~ Wednesday. Hopefully…

UPDATE NO 2: Its back online, please be charming to our servers.

Got some new galleries by, check them out, they’re by the artist “Classic”. Four galleries with Superman X Batman, The Incredibles, Star Wars: the Clone Wars and Shrek


3D Minigames by (reup)

Yeah 3D was always a niche here so time for some new stuff. Here we got a package of ten flashgames by Jakbot. They are quite fun. My favourites are “The Locker Room” and “The Man Whore” :DD

Download (180MB)


Six sweet Naruto Doujins


Welcome to our new virtual place! If you don’t already notice, we’ve got a new URL:! Didn’t save expenses and trouble just to have a good message to you: the Jungle-Blog (“forever-yaoi”) is back: It isn’t up-to-date or finished at all like this blog, too. Just be patient, I’m working on it!!

And here I found some delicous Naruto-Doujins, scanlated and translated by the Utopia-Doujinshi-Group! Get ’em while they’re hot!

Download (67MB)

By the Way¬† I noticed that there isn’t anything from our Naruto Yaoi Collection uploaded in the Gallery. I’m gonna change this right now, here’s the link.

Jin’s Furry Bara Dojins Collection (reup)

Collected some Comix of Jin, almost everything is translated in english. 10 Doujins / 221 Pages, partly uncensored. They are also available on the gallery.

Download // Read Online

P.S.: yep I’m still adding deleted stuff. If you need something really quick, leave a comment here!

P.P.S.: our host barely takes blog+gallery, so I guess I dont add the “YaoiDLJungle”-blog here also. Maybe I add the content of the blog to this one….

Files offline

So either the blog or the files. Something is always not available. Man its getting annoying!
However, I’m already reuploading the missing stuff from last months. And now, sadly, I’m gonna use one of these Link-Shorteners, to keep the files more safe.

I really hate / linkbucks links, but if somebody of my visitors complain and mark every innocent file, this is the only way to solve this problem.