UPDATE: BlackMonkey: Banana Jam -S- (Uncensored!!) + Club-Z: Black Out 3 (COMPLETE!)

 Banana Jam S by BlackMonkey
Finally a Uncensored Version!
(Downloadlinks removed by request of BM-Team)

CLUB-Z: BlackOut 3
Big Thanks to Darence, I reordered the pictures.
However, some last pages seem to be missing.
(By the way, if you don’t already got it:
Both works will also be on Yaoi-Toons.com soon!
And don’t forget, if you got the possibilty: support the artists by buying their works!

5 English Dragon Ball Doujins by Butaboro (Update: Comic “Revenge”)

 UPDATE: Reupload + Check out this Comic by RUTOBUKA,
Very awesome =D

Translation by Kusanyagi

 2 + 1 = XXX
 Hitodenashi ga Warau Yoru Jou
 Ikenai Mousou Shichau Desho
Nobashita Sono Te ha Kuukyo wo Tsukamu
 Shinsen Retasu wo Naburu dake no Kantan na Oshigoto desu

AetherMD Flashes / Yaoi-Toons.com Updates

Some news to our Gallery: I deactivated the membership feature because of its high use of our server’s CPU (it is a shared server, we have to keep a low use of ressources!)
I’m so sorry for that and thanks to over 300+ registrated Fans of Yaoi-Toons.com!

NaruSasu: Lovers X Rivals: Scene 1 (Extended)
(+ other Anime Boys)
NaruSasu: Lovers X Rivals: Scene 2
DBZ Truhan (Trunks X Gohan) – Blue Lagoon Part 1
Several Scenes, Bonus Music

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everybody!
Our Easter Egg for you is the great raise of Pics in our Gallery!
Some examples:
and lots of Stuff already known in this Blog …
Our aim in April is upload the 20.000th Pic, and you can help us!

By the way a little Bonus-Easter-Egg:
6 New Rear Deliveies Pics at once @YaoiToonArchives Pix Depot