The Works of Kobucha Omaso

Finally! A new Collection! Wohow.
Kobucha Omaso has a lovely Art Style.
I guess lots of you already saw some artwork by him, because he has done some collaborations with other famous Artist like Mentaiko and Ebitendon.
We sorted everything in 4 Packages:


1. Collaborated CG-Sets
Includes:  雄男子!, お茶濁し, CAUTION
2.Collaborated Doujins
Includes: SQUIRM (with Mentaiko), おとどけ!配達お兄さん (with Ebitendon)
 3. Dissorted Art by Omaso
49 Files
 4. Omaso’s Doujinshis
Includes: Senior High School co-op 02, もっと!好き好きトランクス, 修行旅, 好き好き大好きトランクス!, 衆刊オマソ購買部03