BlackMonkey: Banasplit Fanmix 1+ Banana Jam S -2nd Update-

Bananasplit Fanmix Vol. 1A  by BlackMonkey Pro
68 Pictures in 2 Sets
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Bananasplit Fanmix Vol. 1B  by BlackMonkey Pro (now Complete)
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Banana Jam -S- by BlackMonkey Pro
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Some RAW Doujins

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our new Gallery might be also a reason, but it seem to be that there were no interesting Yaoi Content in last time. So here are some older, but sweet and quite unknown Doujins!


Gurrenlagann Fanbook: KAMINA x SIMON
Artist: Takumi Takagi Chiyomatsu
(Old Mentaiko, but seems to be quite undiscovered to me)
Artist? Anyone knows?

Read Online @


Our next “big” Download will be a collection of the Works of Kobucha Omaso.
(Bad thing is he have a long list of Works, unfortunately most of it is not available for me (digiget, U NO INTERNATIONAL?!) So, if you got some, share it here :)Thank you ==)

Funfact: Our Gallery is hosted by green energy (wind power).
So Awesome.