The Art of Ayukisa (Updated: Dragon Hunter!)

The Bara Art of Ayukisa “アユキサ”
Including Superior Muscle 1+2 and 133 Drawings.
(Theres also his Furry-Doujin “Dragon Hunter?!” out, which I got but also lost and now, its unavailable anywhere – anyone got it?)
214 Drawings – 89MB

EDIT: (Thank you, Cinamosi!): DragonHunter
By the Way:
If you didn’t already notice it, YaoiDLJungle is now online with new adress, because Google had deleted many gay-oriented blogs last week.

The missing downloads (everything earlier than Aug-11) can’t be restored so far, because FileFactory disabled Uploads (Megaupload Filesonic -> too many new users). Hotfile isn’t able to remote downloads from UL , so we have to wait …. sorry!

Tachibana Momoya – 15 Shota Doujins

(2 Pages of “Cheer Boy – Under the Blazing Sun”)
15 Doujins of  Tachibana Momoya (“チアボーイ一年生”).
A Shota Artist with partly Teens and Crossdressing.
Included Doujinshi: Boy Meets Angel [Translated], Cheer Boy – First-Year Student [Translated], Cheer Boy – Under the Blazing Sun  [Translated], Douki no Sakura, Gachinko Song, Houkago Toransu [Translated], Kirimusubu Yaiba no Shita ni te, Koibito no Mahou, Last Doll [Translated], Narcissus Cinderella [Translated], Tachippana, The Magic of Skirts [Translated], Transition After School [Translated], Underwater Lovers  [Translated], Watermelon Seeds  [Translated]
450 Pages – 133 MB