Mixed Toons+Anime Yaoi of FutaToon.com

Time for Cartoons. Our name “Yaoi Toons Archive” is for a reason.
So, what is www.futatoon.com? Right, a female-futa Toonsite. 
And you know, no expense is too great for us to deliver new content.
So we took out everything gay-related of this site (and also photoshopped lots of pix).
The result is a big mix of these toons / animes:
Aladdin, American Dad, Anastasia, Ariel the Mermaid, Avatar (The Last Airbender / The Cameron Movie), Batman, Beauty and The Beast, Beetlejuice, Bleach, Braceface, Catwoman, Drawn Together, Family Guy, Flintstones, Futurama, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Huntik, Incredibles, Justice League, Kim Possible, King of the Hill, Megas XLR, Mulan, Naruto, Phineas and Ferb, Pocahontas, Disneys Rapunzel, Scooby Doo, Shrek, Simpsons, Sin City, Sleep Beauty, The Smurfs, Star Wars, Tarzan, Teen Titans, Total Drama Island, Totally Spies!, X-Men
Why are there Shows like “Totally Spies”? Well, there are some male actors, you know?

BlackMonkey Pro: Friendly Love + Bonus Artwork

Friendly Love by BlackMonkey
CG Set of 87 Pictures (one PDF included)
I really think about do a whole animated Video with this artwork (like it has been done with a Lunatique-CG) but the censor is just too intensive. Argh.
(Downloadlinks removed by request of BM-Team)

Friendly Love is also online in our Gallery!

 Bonus Artworks of BlackMonkey (“Mazjojo”)
These Bonus Artworks includes 100 Drawings: Not-R18, Minicomics, Fan-Art, Comedy, Erotic

Bara 2-Pack: Hibakichis Doujins Collection + B/W-Mangas by Shunpei Nakata

Here we’ve got a ton of really awesome Bara Mangas. The Guys are preverly young/teenage.
Over 700 Pictures (not High Definition to keep the size handable).

The Work of Hibakichi:
8 Doujins: Beast Heaven, Beasty Boys, Beef Jam, Decieving an Honest Demon, Dream, Gekidan, Night Laborer, The Cold Rain of Happyness
Uncensored. Language 50/50 Japanese/English
408 Pages
The Black and White Art of Shunpei Nakata
16 Doujins: Demon Cave, Door, Eternal Romance 1-3, Hot Springs, Inkou, Kekka, No Exit, Nongiri-Nonbiri, Paradise Labo 1+2, Robo, Shomana, Toriko 1+2
Censored. Japanese only.
300 Pages.
Looking for Shunpei’s Colored Mangas? YaoiJungle got a great Collection + Updates!