Yaoi Artists Package

Artist: DNF “威樂レンジャー”
Type:  Bara, Tentacles, Fan Art (Tiger&Bunny, …)
 65 Drawings
Artist: けーいちろーType: Muscular Shota
47 Drawings
Artist: 代入
Type: Shota, Bara, Fan Art,
Artist: 魔王アブソるん
Type: Bara, Big Cocks, Furry, Shota, Fantasy, Bondage
189 Drawings

Bara Vs. Western Muscles – TAIJI – Stephen Etienne

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The Bara Art and Doujins by Taiji + 
 Parts of Retro Western Comics and Drawings by Stephen Etienne
230 + 120 Pictures

The Art and Doujins of Moritake

Doujinshi and Artwork of Moritake “モリタケ”

4 Doujinshi (“The World’s Most Wanted to Receive Health Class”, “モデルなんて絶対やらない!”, “剣と魔法と怪物と(前編)”, “本格的!?ガチムチパンツレスリング♂”)
and 126 Drawings

1/3 uncensored