Cartoon Collection Update #2 – Avatar, Danny Phantom, Generator Rex, Teen Titans

 Avatar: The Legend of Aang
48 new drawings (since last update)
 Nickelodeons Danny Phantom
73 new drawings / comic pages (since last update)
One Comic by naruto42

Generator Rex
62 new drawings / flashes (since the Collection)

 Teen Titans
64 new drawings / flashes (since last Collection and Gallerys)
Partly mixed up -sorry!!

Street Fighter XL Yaoi Collection

A new monster collection! Not as big as the Dragonball-Pack, but with over 600 files quite huge.
This times the male character of Capcoms Videogame “Street Fighter”: Ryu, Ken Masters, Blanka, Guile, Vega, Cody, Abel …
Except the MMG/JustCartoonDicks-Drawings, these are all Fan Art. So give a kiss to Athron, Kerainen, Riptide, Gnin, RYLD, Rabbid, Cathguess, Hydaria, K.Lamour, G10, DHC, Zangief, Szadek, Hotcha, BlodiaX and many more…..
662 Drawings = 168MB

Cartoon Collection Update #1 – Young Justice, Ben10, ADragon: Jake Long

122 new drawings (Main-Collection)
Lots of TimXDrake, Robin, partly Justice League
40 new drawings (since last update)
Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and the first Ben 10 Show
36 new drawings (since last update)
Partly Furry (Dragons, you know…^^)
In the next Western Cartoon Collection Update: Avatar – The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Generaton Rex, Teen Titans!