Fetish Special: Muscle Up – Famous Guys!

Famous TV, Anime and Videogames-Characters buffed up!
540 Pictures (201MB), contains …
Wolverine, Sonic, Super Mario, Batman, Spiderman, Naruto, One Piece, Resident Evil, Pokemon, DragonBall Z, Megaman, Danny Phantom, The Simpsons, Ben 10, Ron Stoppable, Family Guy, American Dragon, American Dad, Avatar, Teen Titans, Spongebob, Xiaolin Showdown and more!
Accenting Artists: Muk100, O’Melissokomos, David Kawena, CuttyBay, hearmenowu2, Zephleit

DOWNLOAD (Updated 19th of November 2014)

BeVin Special – Ben 10 Alien Force Update + Re-Uploads

Over 100 new pictures (this time mainly japanese artist, but also western art // 2 Doujins in japanese)
I’ve colored two of them and further made an animation. Hope U like it!
To make it clearer in all these Ben 10-Updates, this one contains all previous updates.
So if you want all Ben10 Yaoi from this site, download this one and the Collection from October.
Oh, and by the way:
– All Simpsons and Spongebob-Gallerys has been reuploaded!
– Do you like this download? You can show it to me with using these buttons under this post. Choose “Hot” when you like it or … well it seem to be clear 😀

DragonBall XXL YAOI Collection!

Small preview with 1000 thumbnails of 3100 drawings
This is the biggest Download we’ve ever made. It is a collection of only the best and hottest DB Yaoi. Over 3100 pictures, 43 doujins / comics, 4,5 minutes video and 26 animations!
Picture overview:
  • 40 Brolli (or Broly?)
  • 22 Gohan,
  • 47 Gohan X Goku
  • 156 Gohan X Trunks
  • 14 Gohan X Vegeta
  • 146 Goku
  • 62 Piccolo
  • 25 Raditz
  • 44 Trunks
  • 45 Trunks X Goten
  • 112 Vegeta
  • 336 Vegeta X Goku
  • 17 Vegeta X Raditz
  • 23 Vegeta X Trunks
  • also 131 SHOTA-drawings,   
  • 1461 pages of doujins and more…
770 MB at all