Cartoon Valley Yaoi Special! THX for 40.000 Visitors!!!

Thank you for 40.000 Visitors! You’re great!
My present to you is everything gay from
CartoonValley got the best Disney Porn Parodies I’ve ever seen.
This is the first part with 86 Pictures and the first part of the Gay-Toons-Clips.
If you got problems to play the .wmv-file, try “VLC Player”!

My American Dragon: Jake Long Yaoi Collection

I’m amazed that there are so many AD:JL fans here, I’m also in love for Jake :-)
Check out this collection, this time it has also more Hyper-Muscle and Yiffy-Dragon Pictures.
Senior artists are Innoccence and Rubius from Y-Gallery, kumbartha and Fabfelipe from FurAffinity and many more. Give a kiss to everyone of them! 😉
Also contains 2 non-yaoi comics (AmericuntDragon) but hot as hell.
(3 Comics, 425 Pictures at all)
Download (120MB, Link Updated 12/2014)