My Ben 10 Collection

So because the poll says 1/2 of you all are horny for Ben10 here is my Ben10 Collection!
This one contains a lot of fanart, its partly softcore and partly non-yaoi, but all in all I guess it the biggest Ben10 Yaoiporn-Collection you’ve ever seen ;D
There are so many artists in it, its unable to list everyone. Thanks to everyone of you!!!
Sadly it exists a good looking Ben 10-Doujin, we’ve got only the first 7 pages and the rest is buyable … in Japan… 
250 Pictures with several comics and animations.

My Aladdin Yaoi Collection

This is my personal “Disneys Aladdin” archive.
It contains many talented Yaoi-Artists, like frenchie, Gnin, Giulio Mazarini and absinthestudios
and also commercial Artists like CartoonValley, TramPararam and JustCartoonDicks.
Over 150 pictures with 2 Comics (by frenchie).
Download (52MB)